2016 Myanmar International Conference

I pray that our Lord Jesus' grace be with your family and ministry! Thank you for your faithful and sincere prayer support for Myanmar mission.

MUST seminary just  opened her new school year from this month of June with new students. Also two of new teachers have been admitted to the  MUST. CMI ministry is growing steadily. Two intern shepherds who graduated MUST last February are now under the basic training at the Bible House. The 21 little angels at Agape House (orphanage) are also growing healthy and doing well in the Lord.

This summer, Myanmar International Conference will be held from August 12-14th. The Chapel Hall in MUST campus and the other facilities will be prepared to  hold the attendees. It might be a small and humble gathering of about 50 people including 20 foreign guests. The speakers are from Myanmar, Korea, India, Bangladesh and the US. The theme of the conference is "You are the Christ" quoted from Peter's confession of faith in Matthew 16. We pray that the glory of Jesus Christ mightily and clearly revealed through this conference that He is the King of kings and the Savior of the world.

After the conference is over, VBS (Vacation Bible School) will be held at the same place for a week from the 15th-21st. VBS has been prepared and designed solely by the 2nd gen students from the US, Germany, Korea and Malaysia. Altogether 13 of them will serve English and Korean classes, and a Tae Kwon Do class,  for MUST students in the morning, and in the afternoon, VBS will be opened for the Agape House children.

Please, pray for the following prayer topics:

  1. The young shepherds and shepherdesses of Myanmar may receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and be strengthened
  2. A spiritual net work may be formed for the South Western Asia mission work (Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Vietnam)
  3. The 2nd Gen students may have the call for word mission and succeed their parents' work in the future.

I ask for your fervent prayer support for this cause that the Holy Spirit may bless us from the very beginning to the end of the journey.

God bless you all,
Peter Chung