Myanmar Work Report

Greetings to all CMI brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

I would like to express my inner thanks to you for your unbeatable commitment for supporting our ministries which has been a great strength for our ministries in many ways. We have been experiencing that God is great through you all. We all can't thank you enough for such a great love you have shown to every one of us in Myanmar. We all praise the Lord for all His provision through CMI friends.

2016 Myanmar International Conference

I pray that our Lord Jesus' grace be with your family and ministry! Thank you for your faithful and sincere prayer support for Myanmar mission.

MUST seminary just  opened her new school year from this month of June with new students. Also two of new teachers have been admitted to the  MUST. CMI ministry is growing steadily. Two intern shepherds who graduated MUST last February are now under the basic training at the Bible House. The 21 little angels at Agape House (orphanage) are also growing healthy and doing well in the Lord.