2017 Football outreach

I thank God for your participation in our football outreach and community service this season. Today was the last home football game. Normally for a morning game we give out around 150, but today we gave out 180 hotdogs and finished 30 minutes before the game started! Several people filled out evangelism surveys without our asking 😇. Today was funny too because many people were eager to come inside church to use the free restroom. May God use the seeds that were planted to expand his kingdom in our community!

Paul Laska, 11/18/2017


2012 Summer Myanmar Mission Trip Report

The 2012 Summer Myanmar mission trip was held from September 10th through 19th. Also during this period, a Bible conference was held from 12th through 18th at the MUST seminary with the theme of “The God of Hope.” God granted us 3 speakers for this conference: Shepherd James Tak of LA, Shepherd Marc Schollarman of Frankfurt, Germany and myself. Five of my messages were from Genesis 12 through 22 on the life journey of Abraham, and Shepherd Marc’s testimonial messages were also given each day. Shepherd James served the MUST students through English classes, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. About 50 of MUST students and 10 of CMI members and 12 staff members participated.