Happy New Years (both of them :-)!

May you find the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of your life and plans and dreams in 2016! The kingdom of God is ever expanding as all of the promises of the Holy Scriptures are being fulfilled. Spring is coming and the Glory of the great summer of our Lord Jesus is just around the corner. Be alert and be ready for we know not the hour of his arrival. But whatever hour that it may be, let us all who are in Christ be found carrying out the Great Commission of going into all the world and making disciples of all nations. Amen!

A lot of things are already starting to happen in this new year of 2016. Pastor Chung is taking a team to Myanmar in about a week with others to encourage and build up the brothers and sisters in Yangon. Pray for Pastor Lian there as God has blessed them abundantly both physically and spiritually – that they may not lose their spiritual fervor for the Lord as they push on to spread the light in that nation. Also pray for the Bible conference in Bangladesh (located between Myanmar and India), that Pastor Pial may prepare well and all attendees may be greatly encouraged to witness the love and truth of Christ among the people of that Muslim nation. Praise God that Brother Shwe and Pastor Lian from Myanmar will be attending the Bangladesh conference as they seek to network for Christ in Asia.

Pray for the precious Indian brothers and sisters who labor night and day like ants (a symbol they use in their church banner) that they may experience God’s provision for their main headquarter building to be met at the perfect location and good price. May God use them this year to hold 5,000 Bible studies and 2,000 Sunday worshipers each week – as well as bless their vision for 1 million shepherds by the year 2045. Continually pray for Doctor Shin’s ministry to n~k that God would protect his travels there. May God provide the way to build a hospital for those people through whom the ever increasing remnant of His people may continue to grow in power and vitality. Pray for the Dominican Republic medical mission team from Columbus CMI that they may be blessed and a blessing to the people of that land as they travel there in March. Pray they may be able to transport the medical supplies safely and that they may have all of their travel expenses covered. Pray for Rebekah and her children that they may be comforted after the martyrdom of Elijah. Pray for their protection from harm and that their ministry may break down the diving walls on that Caribbean island.

Pray for the CMI North America General Assembly April 7-9. We are in the process of securing a nice hotel not far from the airport. Pray for us to have the conference fees kept to a minimum with God’s wisdom and grace. Pray for the program to give us a clear direction in Christ for the new year of 2016. Please let me know of any suggestions you may have for the program agenda including guest speakers, breakout sessions, reports, and so on. This will be a special meeting where we will decided who will serve on the next presidential team, committees, and board. May those chosen by God serve his precious work in CMI North America with faithfulness and integrity to the end. We will also look at upgrading the by-laws and approving the budget for the next fiscal year. Please let me know if you are planning on attending – especially your arrival and departure information in detail.

Pray for the upcoming CMI international conference in Korea that they may find a good place (last I heard they were looking, but perhaps that is solved now), and that the conference program may bring glory to God in Christ. Pray for all those traveling to have safety for as you know the political situation in the world is less than stable. Currently my wife is in Korea to attend her brother’s funeral. When he was in his twenties he was hit by a truck while walking in the street. Although he miraculously survived, he suffered severe injuries that left him confined to a wheelchair. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and was used greatly by God to witness his Name to all he met and those who took care of him. Although he died in his mid 40’s, he is in a far better place where we will all meet again. Pray for my wife to plant the hope of the resurrection in Christ among her relatives and friends – and that she too would renew her hope in Him. Praise God that death is not the end for the believer, but like the pains of childbirth through which we transition from these bodies of clay into glorious resurrected bodies that forever enjoy the glory and majesty of our Lord and King! Hallelujah!